Leaning into the Wind

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Touch the Sound

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Rivers and Tides

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Breathing Earth

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Television Production - A Selection


A Selection...

Auld Lang Syne

for BBC Artworks Scotland broadcast BBC2 and 4


Tracy and I

a comedy for Channel Four, by Seb Barwell


Alison Watt - A Painter's Eye
for BBC Scotland broadcast BBC 2 and 4 dir Thomas Riedelsheimer


Women in Black

30 mins for STV dir Nick Higgins


The Fabulous Bagel Boys

Drama for BBC 1.



A three hour concert for MTV, New York


Hamish Macbeth

Drama series for BBC1 (20 x 60) (Zenith/Skyline)


Bombay Blue

A drama series for Channel 4 (6 x 60) (for Fabulous Fruits)


Around Seventeen

Four-part documentary series for Scottish Television and ITV


Birds of Paradise

A music documentary on Carla Bley for BBC  (1 x 30)


The Big Day

Live music special for Channel 4 and La Sept (6 hours)


Old Indians Never Die

A documentary film for BBC Scotland, the Discovery Channel and German television (1 x 60)



Schools drama series for Scottish Television (5 x 20)


Walkie Talkie

Talk shows with Gallus Besom Ltd for Channel 4 (13 x 30)
(New York Film & Television Festival Bronze Medal winner)


Meeting Grappelli 

Single documentary for BBC Scotland and BBC2 (1 x 30)


International volleyball

Sports coverage for Channel 4 (3 series of 4 x 30)


The New Scots (Series 1 & 2)

Documentaries for Scottish Television (12 x 30)


Opening the Scottish Parliament

A 6 hour live production at the opening of the Scottish Parliament


Pioneers of Socialism

Documentary series for Channel 4 (4 x 45)



A one hour documentary for ITV


Scottish Eye

Current affairs series for Channel 4 (3 series of 3 x 30)
(New York Film & Television Festival Silver Medal winner)


Scottish International

International current affairs for Scottish TV (12 X 30)


Scottish Women

Current affairs debate series for Scottish TV (31 x 30)



Actuality series for Scottish TV (7 x 30)

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Leaning into the Wind
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Rivers and Tides
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